Take Control of Your Indoor Air Quality with Midway Mechanical

When it comes to the health of your family, the quality of air circulating through your home can play a tremendous role. The air inside your dwelling should be clean and contaminant free, providing you and your family with pristine, fresh air.

Contaminants like viruses, dust, pollen, and mold can find their way into your home and build up all too easily. However, you can prevent them from impacting your family’s healthy by selecting a high-performance air quality control system. The Midway Mechanical team of indoor air quality control experts are here to provide you with first-rate installation, repair, and air quality products that put your family’s health first. We install a wide range of products to help maintain the quality of your indoor air including humidifiers, dehumidifiers, air purifiers, UV lights, ventilators, and more.

Health Benefits of Air Cleaners

If you are wondering if your home needs an air quality upgrade, consider that everyone, not just children and those with allergies and asthma, benefits from clean, healthy indoor air. Indoor air pollution is a major problem not only in the short term, causing colds and spreading viruses, but according to the Environmental Protection Agency, poor air quality can also affect everyone in the long term with respiratory issues, heart conditions, and even some cancers. Choosing a high-performance air quality control system can help keep your home’s air safe and healthy, and requires minimal maintenance.

Eliminate Harmful Air Pollutants
Eliminate Allergens Such as Dust & Pet Dander
Captures & Kills Airborne Viruses & Bacteria
Trap Odors from Cooking, Tobacco & Smoke

Harmful Effects of Too Much or Too Little Humidity

Humidity Product Solutions

Managing the humidity levels in your home is just as important as managing the temperature or air quality. Why? We’ve listed a few main reasons below:


Having too much or too little moisture can wreak havoc on your home and your health.  Too much humidity can lead to issues such as mold growth.  Too little humidity or dry air can cause damage to your home.  Dry air will seek moisture and try to pull from any source available, including the frame of your house, wood floors, or even your furniture.


Improperly balanced humidity in your home can lead to a number of health issues.  Too much dry air in the winter, is associated with higher risks of contracting airborne illnesses as well as causing nose bleeds and sinus symptoms.  Too much indoor moisture in the summer can act as a trigger to those family members who suffer from severe allergies or asthma.

Healthier Air, Healthier Home

Breathe easier with Midway Mechanical’s whole-home healthy air solutions.