Personalized Comfort Solutions with Ductless Split Systems

Mitsubishi Electric ductless split systems allow you to take control of your home’s comfort levels like never before. Whether you have a four season room that is difficult to heat – or an entire home that you’d like to cool, a ductless split system is a great alternative that provides flexibility, energy savings, and room-by-room comfort control, at the click of a button.  One of best parts of a ductless split system is the ability to heat and cool your home, condo, or office with a single system.

Though traditional heating and cooling systems do an excellent job of regulating your home’s temperature, a ductless split system can turn every room of your home into a perfect, cozy retreat. A ductless split system can be the best way to create individually-zoned comfort, while simultaneously reducing energy costs.

Ductless Mini Split Installation

Advantages of Ductless Mini Splits That You Won’t Find in Traditional Heating & Cooling Systems

Mitsubishi Ductless Installation
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Compared to traditional heating and cooling systems, ductless mini splits allow for maximum room-by-room temperature control throughout your entire home. Better still, they do not require expensive and intrusive ductwork installation or modifications, in fact they do not require ductwork at all.

Ductless split systems are ultra-efficient when it comes to home energy usage, creating as much as a 40% overall reduction in energy use when compared to traditional systems. These whisper-quiet units help keep drafty rooms cozy and are the perfect solution for hard to heat and cool rooms like basements and attics.

Take Control of Hard to Heat or Cool Rooms

While ducted systems work very well in most rooms of your home, there are always rooms that are hard to control with traditional HVAC systems. Spaces like attics, 4-season rooms, and new home additions can be difficult to maintain any level of comfort. It’s also possible your existing ductwork doesn’t reach those rooms at all. A Mitsubishi ductless split system is the perfect solution for:

Sun Rooms
High-Ceiling Rooms
Guest Houses

Ductless Split System Installation Services

Ductless Product Selection

Midway Mechanical has been trained and certified to install Mitsubishi Electric ductless split systems.  Our installation process begins with a free in-home consultation and estimate, where we help you select the best location for your indoor and outdoor units.  Next, we will schedule a convenient installation time that fits within your schedule. After the Midway Mechanical team has installed your new ductless system, we’ll test all of your equipment as well as show you how to operate it efficiently.

Ductless Split Systems We Supply

At Midway Mechanical, we carry a wide selection of Mitsubishi Electric ductless split systems, which we recommend to all of our customers. Mitsubishi Electric is one of the most recognizable and top-rated brands in the heating and cooling business, and their ductless systems are designed to be energy efficient and long lasting. Their sleek and attractive designs compliment any room of your home, and they are a great way to reduce your carbon footprint as well.