Gain Peace of Mind with Air Conditioning Maintenance

No matter if your air conditioner is brand new with a long life ahead of it or an older model, it’s always a smart choice to invest in air conditioning maintenance. Regular maintenance has been proven to extend the life of your cooling system and can save you thousands in energy bills and emergency repairs down the line.

With Midway Mechanical’s HVAC maintenance solutions, you will gain peace of mind knowing that your AC unit is being serviced regularly by a team of maintenance pros who will keep your cooling system running at peak performance season after season.

The Benefits of Routine Air Conditioner Maintenance

Air Conditioner Maintenance
Furnace Maintenance

Similar to automobiles, air conditioners if not maintained properly – cost more to run, require more repairs, and have a shorter life expectancy.   Not only do our routine air conditioning maintenance solutions save you money but they also enhance your comfort and bring you peace of mind.  Other benefits include:

  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Reduced risk of costly emergency repairs
  • Enhanced life expectancy of your system
  • Improved air quality and reduction of dust, dirt and contaminants in your ductwork

What Does an A/C Tune-Up Include?

Every heating and cooling contractor performs tune-ups and inspections.  However, not all tune-ups should be considered equal.  Make sure you request a list of what’s included and be wary of the ultra-low priced inspections.   Those are often times designed to get a foot in the door and hardly ever end up as low priced as they say.   Our thorough inspection includes  but is not limited to:

Comprehensive Cleaning of Condenser Coil
Inspection of All Electrical Components
Lubrication of All Moving Parts
Evaluation of Coolant Levels

Get Comfort & Peace of Mind

Maximize the life of your cooling system and prevent untimely breakdowns with our trusted heating and cooling maintenance solutions.